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A private-law legal entity trading under the name Joint Bus Receipts Fund, KTEK was incorporated in accordance with the provisions of Legislative Decree No 102/1973. The operation of urban and intercity passenger transport routes, present and future, is awarded exclusively to the transportation bodies referred to in Legislative Decree No 2963/2001, in accordance with the terms and conditions thereof.



Reservations may be made with the KTEL ticket office. Tickets issued with a specific date and time must be used for that journey, otherwise they will be void.


Passengers holding open-date tickets should check seat availability in advance. KTEL accepts no responsibility in the event that seats are not available. Open-date return tickets are valid for a specified period only.


70% of the ticket price will be refunded where a passenger cancels a reservation on an interurban route at least 8 hours prior to departure. Where a reservation is cancelled less than 8 hours prior to departure 50% of the ticket price will be refunded.
No refunds will be paid for journeys cancelled after departure.


Tickets may be changed for another journey date [time / destination?] and may be transferred to another passenger. There is no extra charge. Where regular fare tickets are transferred to a passenger entitled to a reduced price or free ticket, the discount will be refunded to the original ticket holder. Ticket cancellations, changes and transfers must be validated by KTEL.



KTEL operates specified route schedules. Extra services may be provided where this is required by passenger service needs.
In the event of adverse weather conditions, in response to information provided by the competent authorities and information bulletins and wherever a particular need arises due to the interruption of traffic on ferry boats, all steps will be taken (such as service cancellations and passenger information) to avoid inconvenience to passengers. Route changes are at the company’s discretion, with the aim of providing the best possible passenger service.


KTEL employees will inspect tickets on boarding and during the journey. Passengers must show their ticket and produce any relevant documentation justifying ticket price reductions.



For safety reasons, all passengers and goods may be inspected. Passengers refusing inspection may not be allowed to travel and may be referred to local police authorities. KTEL reserves the right not to allow passengers to travel where they are not in possession of a ticket. Passengers disembarking must take with them all luggage and personal belongings.



KTEL coaches are chosen for their cleanliness, appearance and safety. Environmental concerns are also taken into account in their maintenance and operation. KTEL reserves the right to change a coach where necessary in order to avoid inconvenience to passengers.



Passenger complaints or observations made during the journey should be addressed to the driver. After travel, passengers should contact their local KTEL bus and coach station.


All luggage must be placed in the special luggage compartment. No valuable items should be left inside luggage. Passengers are kindly requested to keep with them any personal belonging they might need during the journey. KTEL will accept no responsibility for loss of any personal belongings left behind by passengers.


For health and hygiene reasons, pets may not be taken into the bus or coach. Pets may be transported in the luggage compartment inside special crates or carriers. Valid health documentation must be taken along.


KTEL offers a service for the collection and delivery of packages at local stations.


Passengers may not take with them guns, explosives, inflammable materials or any other dangerous items.


All transactions are made in euros.