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Interassurance Association

Interassurance Association was founded in 1986 as the reinsurance institution of Joints Bus Receipts Fund (KTEL) of Northern Greece & Thessaly. Today, it includes 24 first degree interassurance associations and more analytically, it approximately reinsures 2.000 buses. The decision of the motorists to create their own insurance institution was based on a Greek motto related to the force that stems from unification. This decision proved to be right over the years because it immediately and boundlessly covered all its members for any urban responsibility coming from road accidents. The solvency, the consistency and the direct payment of the compensations to the beneficiaries placed the Interassurance Association as one of the most reliable insurance enterprises in Greece. 
Then, in 1996, the Interassurance Association, under the administration of the chairman Mr. Christos Lioupas, respecting the passengers and wishing to provide better services, bought a plot of 27.000m2 dreaming of a modern bus station and according to the European specifications in the city of Thessaloniki. This dream came true due to a lot of labour and deprivations of the partners. Finally, in April 2002, the Joints Bus Receipts Fund (KTEL) relocated to “Macedonia” Intercity Bus Station.
Henceforth, “Macedonia” Intercity Bus Station constitutes a model to those wishing to construct a modern and functional station of re-embarkation to all destinations.