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General terms and conditions


ARTICLE 1: The person surrendering the luggage for safekeeping accepts as being the owner or holder of the luggage and acknowledges and accepts the storage terms of the "Allilasfalistikoy Synetairismoy”.

ARTICLE 2: The “Allilasfalistikos Synetairismos” has the right to open and examine the contents of the luggage at any time without assuming any liability, and to remove or destroy any object or part thereof which may, as per the company's discretion, cause injury, infliction or damage to property or persons, or constitutes public danger.

ARTICLE 3: The "Allilasfalistikos Synetairismos" does not undertake the safekeeping and storage of the following: cash, stocks, medicines, insurance policies, contracts, official documents, securities, jewelry and other valuables, weapons, explosives, flammable and other dangerous materials, electronic devices (video cameras, laptops, chargers etc), passports or I.D. cards, prescription eyeglasses, perishables or items with unpleasant odor, illegal substances or illegal materials, works of art, antiquities and in general items that are prohibited in accordance with Hellenic legislation and international regulations.

ARTICLE 4: The "Allilasfalistikos Synetairismos" does not undertake the safekeeping of luggage whose owner or holder refuses to provide his exact details.

ARTICLE 5:The owner or holder of the luggage to be stored warrants that none of the above prohibited items under Article 3 is contained within the baggage.

ARTICLE 6: Any damage to the exterior of the luggage does not create an obligation to the “Allilasfalistiokos Synetairismos”.

ARTICLE 7: The “Allilasfalistikos Synetairismos “ undertakes the storage of luggage whose value together with the content does not exceed the amount of one hundred fifty EUR (150.00 €) and is liable for compensation only up to the amount of one hundred fifty EUR in case of theft, loss, wear or damage due to its fault. In case where the luggage and its contents is of greater value please inform our personnel, on the non receipt of the luggage. In any case the association has no obligation for compensation for the additional value.

ARTICLE 8: The payment for the storage of the luggage shall be made in cash.

ARTICLE 9: The lugagge is stored on special shelves.

ARTICLE 10: The pick up of the luggage is made only by the owner/holder of the luggage and the original storage document of the luggage must be presented to the company personnel, as well as the I.D. card of the person picking up the luggage.

ARTICLE 11: For confirmation purposes of the luggage pick up, the recipient must sign the document of the baggage storage form.

ARTICLE 12: The courts of Thessaloniki shall have jurisdiction for the resolution of any dispute.